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Here is where you can sign up and become a Speechtree subscriber. Once you subscribe you will be sent an email confirmation with login name and password. Login any time you want to access the games or materials to print, or when you want to manage the parent accounts you create.

Choose Bronze to enable 50 parent branch accounts. Choose Silver for 100 and Gold for 150.

Step 1: Choose the package that is right for you on the subscribe page. An "inactive" account will be created in your name. At this point you can login using your email and a password we provide, but the activities will not appear within your account until step 2 below.

Step 2: Proceed to PayPal through the link that appears after set up your account. Your account will become active within 20 minutes. If you choose instead to pay by check, send it payable to SpeechAtHome Inc.,51 Francis Street, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, K9V 3S3. Please write your email (the same email that you wish to use for Speechtree) in the lower left corner of your check. Your account will become active once your check has cleared. We also accept purchase orders. Have your organization fax purchase orders to 877-406-9075 and be sure that they include the email associated with your inactive account on the order. Your account will become active once we receive the order.

Step 3: Login and have fun!

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I will pay by check or purchase order and my account will be activated once my check has been cleared. Checks to be made payable to SpeechatHome Inc. and mailed to 51 Francis Street, Lindsay, Ontario, K9V 3S3, Canada. Purchase orders can be faxed to 1-877-406-9075.
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